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Asterisk Key 7.7 - Asterisk Key reveals passwords that are hidden under asterisks. Unlike many others, this program works both with password dialog boxes and web page login forms.
AutoPatcher XP - AutoPatcher is a comprehensive collection of patches, addons and registry tweaks that give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your Windows system is up to date, even before you connect it to the Internet. It's designed to quickly patch a system with the most current updates and tweaks available, and requires no user interaction once you have selected what to install.
Autoruns v8.61 - See what programs are configured to startup automatically when your system boots and you login.
Bittorrent Masking: How to Avoid Getting Tracked as You Download - If you are a bittorrent P2P downloader in the USA or UK, then you are at risk for legal prosecution. Because torrents use public locating servers called "trackers", your computer's IP address is publicly available. Any tech-savvy officer from the RIAA or MPAA who logs onto a torrent tracker can easily see the addresses of all people downloading that song or that movie.
Kerio Personal Firewall - Kerio Personal Firewall is an easy to use and small system designed for protecting a PC against any hacker attacks and data leaks.
Microsoft Security Bulletin Search - Download latest security patches for MS Windows - manually!
Norton Removal Tool for Windows 2000/XP/Vista 2007.2.01.9 - Norton Removal Tool will remove a failed installation or a damaged Norton product
Norton Removal Tool Updated  - This tool now removing the following programs:Norton AntiVirus 2004/2005/2006, Norton AntiVirus Professional 2004, Norton AntiVirus 3, 5 and 10 User Pack 2004/2005/2006, etc, etc...download SymNRT.exe here, you will probably need to download and apply this registry patch: SYMMSICLEANUP.reg and this MSI cleanup batch file: MSIFIX.bat.
RemoveWGA v1.2 - RemoveWGA (download) enables you to remove the Microsoft "Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications" tool, which is calling home and connect to Microsoft servers every time you boot. Futures updates of this notification tool will (officialy) setup the connection rate to once every two weeks.
Securing Your Web Browser  - This paper will help you configure your web browser for safer internet surfing. It is written for home computer users, students, small business workers, and any other person who works with limited information technology (IT) support and broadband (cable modem, DSL) or dial-up connectivity. Although the information in this document may be applicable to users with formal IT support as well, organizational IT policies should supersede these recommendations.
Process Explorer v10.21 - Find out what files, registry keys and other objects processes have open, which DLLs they have loaded, and more. This uniquely powerful utility will even show you who owns each process.
TCPView v2.4 - See all open TCP and UDP endpoints. On Windows NT, 2000 and XP TCPView even displays the name of the process that owns each endpoint. Includes a command-line version, tcpvcon.
xp-AntiSpy 3.96-4 -  Disable all the known 'Suspicious' Functions in Windows XP!

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