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9 Mistakes Women Make In Bed

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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2007 12:35 pm    Post subject: 9 Mistakes Women Make In Bed Reply with quote

There are some women who just lie in bed and open their legs, and think that thatís all they need to do to keep a man happy. But other women know that men want a whole lot more than just a warm body to get inside.

And if you want to keep the passion alive in your relationship, you will need to keep stepping it up and be willing to admit that vanilla isnít the only flavor available in the sexual spectrum.

Is your man starting to get bored with your bedside manner? Are you willing to make some change in order to keep the fires burning? Well, itís time you started facing the truth about your sexual prowess and began making improvements, by avoiding the following.

Mistakes women make in bed #1
You stay quiet
If he goes down on you and hits the perfect spot, the spot that makes you feel like a rush of liquid is going to flow from your body, and then, suddenly, he changes his route, it may be your fault.

If you donít make a sound when youíre having sex, youíre not letting him know when heís satisfying you, and youíre not helping his ego.

The next time he hits ďthatĒ spot, make sure to let out a great big ďyesĒ and moan with delight. It will help you open up (in more ways than one) and it will give him the signal to continue on when he gets it right.

Mistakes women make in bed #2
You ignore his testicles
Itís funny that everywhere you look, men are being given advice about how women need to be aroused via foreplay before they can go for the main event, but women are never told the same thing.

Well, itís true; men want to be aroused as well. Donít get me wrong; there are appropriate times when you can go straight for the kill, so to speak, but more often than not, a man wants you to titillate him via massages, body kisses and fellatio.

And when you go down on him, donít be afraid to massage his testicles with your hand and rub his anus with your finger. Explore his body and youíll discover that thereís more to him than just a rod.

Mistakes women make in bed #3
You donít initiate
In life, itís accepted that men do the chasing and women do the rejecting, but once youíre actually in a sexual relationship, all of that should end. Itís a terrible blow to a man when he always has to make the move and, worse, risk your saying ďnoĒ some of the time.

To ensure that he feels desired, you need to come on to him, seduce him and even tease him. If you make him feel like a king in bed, he will make you feel like a queen all the time.

Mistakes women make in bed #4
Youíre too insecure
You want the lights off, you have to be under the covers and you never want to take off your shirt. Yeah, that sounds like some really exciting sex.

If heís with you, itís because he likes you, so itís time you got over your insecurities and gave in to your flaws. You can do so with baby steps by lighting candles (they provide incredible lighting). Then, when youíre comfortable with that, try doing it without the covers. And finally, get your hot ass on top of him and give him the ride of his life.

Mistakes women make in bed #5
You donít clean beforehand
Even if you took a shower this morning, by evening time youíre not as fresh. Allowing him to go down on you at such a time is bad sexual etiquette.

Any time a man is about to go down on you, your vulva should be freshly cleansed so that all he smells are your natural aromas and all he tastes is peaches. If he has a bad experience going down there, it may spell the end of fantastic cunnilingus.

Mistakes women make in bed #6
You fake orgasm
Heís enjoying himself thoroughly and because you donít want to let him down, what do you do? You give him a performance that would put Angelina Jolie to shame.

Problem is, what heís doing is annoying you and your sex life is becoming more of a chore. In the end, youíre not helping anyone.

Without telling him heís just awful in bed, suggest trying something new or take control of the sex and do what you think will bring you to orgasm.

Mistakes women make in bed #7
You refuse to try something new
Speaking of trying something new, are you disgusted by anal sex? Do you think that any girl who swallows is a big whore? Well, perhaps itís time you revisited your sex life.

To explain the situation via an analogy, if all you do is eat crackers every day, eventually crackers will begin to taste like sawdust. And no one likes sawdust. What you want to do is put some cheese, tomato, caviar, or even seafood on those crackers and give them some gusto.

You donít have to jump into the extremely different flavors of sex, but role-playing, blindfolds, body painting, and indulging in fantasies will only make your sex life more fun. And who knows, maybe once you try these things, anal sex will be a welcomed treat.

Mistakes women make in bed #8
You donít shave
I was not aware of this, but apparently many women still havenít mastered the art of landscaping down there. And while no oneís asking you to wax down to a landing strip, it would be nice for you to at least trim that bush.

Whether you wax, laser or shave your bikini area, you need to invest in sideburn trimmers and trim your pubic hairs down to one centimeter so that when he goes down on you, he doesnít feel like heís going to suffocate.

Mistakes women make in bed #9
You donít listen to his moans
If heís makes all kinds of noises when you do that thing with your tongue and you suddenly stop doing what youíre doing as his moaning gets louder, then youíre not paying attention.

As well, if you start going faster and faster when he moans, again, you may not be giving him what he wants. You need to listen closely to his sounds if you want to be the master of his domain.

Making women better in bed

Communication is the key to better sex, but sometimes it is incredibly difficult to confront certain situations without hurting him, but it is what you need to do if you want to have a rich, satisfying sex life.

Just keep in mind that if you have complaints, chances are he may too. If you do all of the above things in bed, however, your man will worship you.
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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 6:27 am    Post subject: RE: 9 Mistakes Women Make In Bed Reply with quote

WoW!! gr8 tips, man I never thought my wife makes all those mistakes. I never care about it. but after reading your post I will tell my wife to do this all. and one more request. will you plz write another post regarding mistakes of man. I also want to know my mistakes and want to good sexual life.
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Site Admin
Site Admin

Joined: 28 Feb 2006
Posts: 892

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 2:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hehe, I'm glad you found it useful! How long are you married?
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