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Montreal Family Walk Away With $65M another Player Sues Loto-Quebe

Date: 11:30 AM EDT - Aug,22 2019
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All lottery players dream of winning a grand prize. This is exactly what happened to a Montreal family after playing Lotto Max. The family won the highest prize money in the history of Canada on the June 11th draw, i.e. $65 million.

Giuseppa Lo Giudice Lanteri won a Free Play ticket through Quebec Max. This earned her this great victory. With the victory, she joined Lotto Max and more. These additions brought the huge $65 million bonus to the family.

The lucky winner bought the ticket at Depanneur Springland in Montreal. Because of the jackpot win, the retail store will receive $650,000. If the winner purchases the winning tickets within your facility, the retailer will receive a portion of the prize money (1%).

According To The Press Release

Isabelle Jean, Vice President of Public Affairs and President of Operations at Loto-Quebec, said that Lotto Max stands among the most popular draws in Quebec. She added that they have on no occasion endowed such a large amount. A month before the big win, a team from the south shore of Montreal won an incredible $50 million via Lotto Max and online casino at www.vipcasino.ca/.

Using the Winnings

Giuseppa and her husband Nunzio plans to use a part of the lottery prize to make provision for their children. The couple also plans to give a fraction of the prize money to four relatives. The family is happy to carter for their children and will use some funds to buy a new house. They desire to find a different place of residence in the community where they have lived for 50 years.

Longtime Loto-Quebec Player Sues for not Understanding Long Odds

A Canadian lottery player who has bought tickets weekly for over 20 years didn't realize she didn't have a good chance of winning. Martha Karas believes that Loto-Quebec did not fully explain the odds. So, she took legal action against the lottery.

According to the court, Karas has bought tickets for the Loto-Quebec 6/49 and Lotto Max games for over 20 years. However, she estimates that the chances of winning are about 5 million to one per her claim, and not 14 million to one (6/49) or 28.6 million to one.

Karas sued for $112 million in exemplary damages and all the profits received from the game after July 2013, maintaining that Loto-Quebec did not announce the real odds publicly. Her case made it as far as the Quebec Superior Court in 2017 before being rejected.

Unsatisfied with the court's decision, Karas attempted again. Last week, the Quebec Court of Appeal turned down the lawsuit, just as the Superior Court did two years ago.

Karas was set to lose from the beginning. She asserted that the failure of Loto-Quebec to outline the chances of winning on tickets, its website, and promotional and advertising material connote deceptive representation or omission. She based the charges on the Consumer Protection Act (CP Act) and the Competition Act and a violation of its duty of good faith under Quebec's Civil Code. However, the lawsuit was easily countered as Loto-Quebec has listed the odds on its website, the Loto-Quebec application and all printed tickets.

She then argued the chances of winning the jackpot produced by the accused did not consider the risk that the jackpot will be shared among multiple players. If you visit the Loto-Quebec website, it displays that Lotto Max is a variable-prize game. Lotto Max calculates rewards based on sales and shared among the winners in each group.

In one obvious case, Superior Court Justice Pierre Nollett dismissed the attempt to grant class-action status to the prosecution. The evidence went against the allegations. The Court of Appeals agreed last week, but it is unclear whether Karas will continue to pursue another judgment.

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