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Famous eSports Stars: You Won't Believe How Much They Make

Date: 03:28 AM EDT - Apr,16 2019
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Over the past few decades, the increasing popularity and quality of video games has opened up some lucrative opportunities for the more competitive gamers among us. Esports is a type of competitive play between professional players, often during large scale tournaments in front of thousands of spectators.

The games played are generally multiplayer with the most common genres represented being FPS, battle royale, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA).

As of 2019, around 427 million people worldwide are estimated to watch eSports, which have become widely available due to popular online streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

With such a global presence, it is unsurprising that top Esports stars are in high demand, with some raking in six-figure salaries and millions of dollars in tournament prizes. Professional players earn money from competing and succeeding in tournaments, viewer donations, TV coverage and interviews, sponsorships, and from salaried positions with Esports companies (which buy and manage players). So let's meet some these coveted Esports stars, you won't believe how much money they make.

1. Kaydop (Alexandre Courant)

Game: Rocket League
Total prize money: $184,493.72

Published by Psyonix, vehicular-soccer mash-up, Rocket League is in the top 20 eSports games in terms of prize money awarded. Players work in two teams of up to four players to score goals by using rocket-powered vehicles to smash the ball into the opposing team's net.

In 2016, Psyonix made its eSports debut with the launch of the Rocket League Championship Series. French striker, Kaydrop is now one of the most recognizable faces of professional Rocket League. During his most recent tournament - Premier RLCS Season 6 - Finals - Kaydrop's team came in second, winning prize money of $120,000.

2. Smexxin (Nick Dalsoglio)

Game: World of Warcraft
Total prize money: $30,250.00

Smexxin is one of Blizzard's popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft's top players. Having debuted as a professional Arena player in 2015, the American eSports star is a regular at the WOW Arena World Championship as part of the team, The Boys in the AWC.

Since entering the Arena, Smexxin has competed in 12 tournaments, earning him around $30,250 in prize money.

3. ViolentPanda (Jos van Meurs)

Game: Rocket League
Total earnings: $195,803.86

Currently ranked the number one Rocket League player worldwide, Dutch player ViolentPanda has competed in a total of 31 tournaments, earning him a whopping $195,803.86.

4. On Codeine

Game: Old School RuneScape
Total prize winnings: $10,000

In February 2013, Jagex gave in to popular demand by launching Old School RuneScape, a nostalgic "newcomer" on the eSports scene. With the introduction of competitive Deadman tournaments, OSRS is now one of the top MMORPG eSports titles.

Several times a year, Jagex opens the Deadman Seasonal server and invites the top 2,000 players to participate in the Deadman Invitational. On Codeine won the Deadman Invitational II in 2016 winning a prize of $10,000. It might not be much compared to some other eSports stars; however, Jagex hopes to continue promoting Deadman Invitational to boost OSRS's presence within the eSports community. So keep an eye out for emerging star players on the OSRS scene!

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