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Introducing The Leading Company Within The World Of Virtual Reality

Date: 04:01 PM EST - Jan,30 2019
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Resolution Gaming is one of the up and coming gaming companies in the world. The gaming giant has revolutionised the gaming world by introducing virtual reality software, ensuring that the player has an experience unlike anything before.

VR gamers will be familiar with their work, and releases such as Wonderglade and Bait. The latter has nearly three million downloads to date.

Tommy Palm built Resolution Gaming in 2015. He left his previous position at King Digital to enable all his team to spend on this new venture. This was the company behind the phenomenon that is the Candy Crush Saga. He was always adamant that VR was the way forward, he said: "This is my fifth, so I have experience. It's important to grow organically, a little bit at a time. Me and Martin (co-founder of Resolution) have been making games for a long time, and we've always been excited for when VR happens."

"In 2015, the platforms were limited, and they still are now; we are still at the infant stage of VR, and few people have a working headset. But it's getting better; in 2018 there will be the first stand-alone headset that will expand the audience."

The company quickly gained momentum because Palm headed it. They received 50 million SEK ($5.5 million) from Inter Alia, Google Ventures and the Banner Media Group, all companies realised there was a market for this and expressed their passion in being a part of it. Since then there have been even more companies looking to get involved, Facebook joined the list of companies looking to go into business with Palm and Resolution.

Resolution stands out from their competitors because of their attention to detail and their reluctance to sell games featuring 'cheap thrills such as horror'.

Instead, their market is headed more towards family and younger audiences. He said: "If you are going for more family-friendly entertainment you focus on just making a great game instead."

The team at Resolution is not as big as major corporations such as Sony and Nintendo, with Resolution only having a workforce of 30 people. They employ only the most dedicated and hardworking staff to create graphic animations.

Palm puts the success down to his staff and their sheer talent. He said: "The combination of talent is special. We have been fortunate in attracting the right kind of person."

Resolution is hoping for another memorable year after a hugely successful 2017 and 2018. Their latest release 'Narrows' is set to be their most popular to date. The game was released on Black Friday and has been hugely popular among VR Gamers.

Tommy Palm has a clear idea in his head of where the future of gaming will be and which market will be eradicated because of it. He said: "The smartphone games will be replaced eventually. There's no doubt in my mind that screens will disappear, but that's more like ten years in the future. You can see some consoles now releasing VR headsets."

He isn't wrong; Sony released their first VR headset in late 2016 and has since become the best selling headset, outselling rivals by over one million units.

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