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VR and gambling on smartphones

Date: 03:51 PM EST - Nov,29 2018
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The mobile casino has been favorite for a lot of gamblers all over the world for many years now. However, it's insane how much it has grown the last couple of years. With a mobile casino, people are a lot more flexible and can play wherever they see fit. When gambling from the mobile arrived, it was with a limited supply of games available. Today every game that the gambling developers make is compatible with a smartphone and tablet, thanks to HTML5-technology.

The latest trends in online gaming are even more revolutionary; we're talking about VR, Virtual Reality in Casino. But what does it mean to play VR Casino?

What is VR?

VR has existed for more than 20 years, but it's first now that the technology has captured and gave VR its justice it deserves. The phenomena have made people really excited the last couple of years, and it's now becoming more and more popular in the casino business. Virtual Reality means that you can watch and experience an environment that is created around you thanks to VR-glasses or a VR-headset. When you gamble in VR, it's like a live casino on steroids.

VR Casino

In a live casino, you play on real tables filmed in a professional studio with live dealers. On VR you believe that you are at a real casino in Vegas or another casino town. You can walk around in the VR environment between the tables and just with one click change to a new game. Since the technology is just getting better and better so is the Virtual experience for customers. It only becomes more real for every day with the players are the big winners. More online casinos provide virtual casinos than ever before, but it still has a long way to go before it's standardized in the business. In many of these casinos you can also play roulette online which you can read more about at Casinoking.nz.

Same journey for VR casinos as for mobile casinos?

When mobile casinos hit the road after the birth of smartphones not a lot of people could have predicted the success. Back then it was limited to games such as roulette online, a favorite table game you can read more about at CasinoKing. Today though every single operator offers mobile casino, either through an app or through mobile browsers. More people play from their smartphone today then ever before, and soon it will have taken over gambling from computers almost wholly, at least if the trend keeps on going as it has for the last ten years.

It's going to be interesting to see if VR takes the same journey in the casino business as mobile casinos have done. Today VR is a little too expensive to make it standard, and the players don't crave it the same way as they do with mobile casinos, yet. However if it's one thing time has learned us it thas technology doesn't stop and already now players can enjoy a full experience virtual reality from their computer or mobile. And in the future, we might look back with a smile thinking about that day when the first virtual casino arrived at our smartphones.

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