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New York State Launches Mobile ID App - [mobile]
08:27 AM EDT - Jun,12 2024 - post a comment

New York is now the ninth US state to offer an official, standards-compliant mobile ID (MiD). The new New York Mobile ID app is available for both Android and iOS. The dedicated app is required for both setup and use; New York's solution is not yet compatible with Apple Wallet nor Google Wallet. During setup, the user scans both their physical ID card and face. The app can then display a personalized QR code any time identity and/or age need to be verified. The code is scanned by the person requesting verification using any standard-compliant verification app. They then choose what information to request, the ID holder gives permission on their device, then the requested information (and that info only) is transmitted wirelessly and automatically verified with the NY DMV. The ID holder does not need to hand over their phone at any time. The verifying device must have an internet connection, but the device of the ID holder can be offline. The TSA currently accepts mobile ID at 28 airports, including all terminals of JFK and LaGuardia in New York City. Businesses that need to check ID can start accepting mobile ID at any time, but verification apps are not yet in widespread use. New York's app is similar to that of California, Iowa, Louisiana, and Utah. States with mobile IDs that can also be added to mobile wallets are: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, and Maryland.

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