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LaCie 2big 1 Terabyte Network Attached Storage Hard Drive Tested - [hardware]
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TestFreaks take a look at the LaCie 2big 1 Terabyte Network Attached Storage Hard Drive. The LaCie 2big is a fanless NAS box that features the ability to use up two SATA hard drives. Here's a bit:
One nice features about the LaCie 2big is the ability to instantly backup a USB device such as a USB thumbdrive, you just plug it in and push the blue button on the front, it then transfers the contents to the 2big for you. Another great feature is the ability to add more storage to the device via the USB ports, you could connect up two more USB hard drives to the LaCie 2big and they will become part of your network. One thing I don't quite understand is if you have the option for quick backup like this, why would you put the USB ports on the back? Why not put them on the front for easier access, or put at least one on the front instead of having to reach around to the back all of the time?

So it's easy to use and it's got some nice features, but how does it perform? I used my FTP program to transfer the 3gb ISO of Windows 7 to the LaCie 2big and I compared it to my current NAS box which is a Qnap TS-109 Pro II with a 500gig HDD in it. It should be noted that the Qnap box is a bit more powerful than the LaCie 2big, it features a 500Mhz CPU and 256MB of DDR2 onboard.

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