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GeForce 7900 GT, 7600 GT to show up for AGP? - [hardware]
06:13 AM EDT - Apr,18 2006 - (2 comments)

French site PCINpact reports that an AGP version of NVIDIA's GeForce 7900 GT graphics card is due out "as early as next month." The site also received word that AGP 7600 GTs should follow by the end of this quarter. If the information is correct, end-users who still own previous-generation system with AGP 8x graphics slot will be able to update their computers to the latest graphics technology at $200 or $300 price-points depending on their demands.

The GeForce 7600 GT graphics processor has 12 pixel shader units, 5 vertex shader units, is clocked at 560MHz and comes with 256MB of 128-bit 1400MHz GDDR3 memory. The product is designed for performance-mainstream market and substitutes the popular GeForce 6600 GT product, which exists in both AGP 8x and PCI Express x16 versions. The GeForce 7900 GT product features 24 pixel processors, 8 vertex shader processors, is clocked at 450MHz and sports 1320MHz 256-bit GDDR3 memory. The product is aimed at sub-$300 per card marker.

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(06:49 PM EDT - Apr,18 2006) - admin
miglaugh> The only way I'll get another AGP card is if it's atleast 50% faster than my x800xtpe, and I don't see that happening. Then again maybe the 7900 is more of a beast than I realize.

As it stands now, I am waiting on K8L reviews to compair to Conroe. That means that a new CPU/mobo/RAM/videocard is out of the question until Q1 2007. I'll buy a 7900GT in AGP tho, right now, if one was available and wait until Q4/2007 or 2008 to upgrade to whatever is best bang for the buck at that point :) Probably...
(10:24 AM EDT - Apr,18 2006) - miglaugh
The only way I'll get another AGP card is if it's atleast 50% faster than my x800xtpe, and I don't see that happening. Then again maybe the 7900 is more of a beast than I realize.

I don't feel like looking it up right now... Does the 7900 GT they're talking about have the same number of pipes as the GTX? If so then it's only a clock speed decrease right? Maybe BFG would/will release an OC version that competes on aprox the same level as the GTX.

On another note AMD better reduce the price of the FX-60 (among other things) for when Conroe comes out. If I could get an upgrade of 7900 "GT" and also toss in a FX-60 for under $600-700 I'd prolly do that. I've got 2GB of C2 Corsair, 2 raptors in raid, and 550 Watt PSU; a solid cpu and newer gfx card is all I need to run the next gen shit like crysis when that comes out.

In more general terms, I hope they take AGP to it's limit bandwidth wise. They should just push it to the brink of the interface being the bottleneck, where by switching to PCI-e you would actually see an increase in performance due to the extra bandwidth. In other words, why are they always giving us the GT versions? Why can't we have a taste of what the GTXs can do?

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