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GT200 to be big, hot; die shrink already on the way - [hardware]
06:48 PM EDT - May,29 2008 - (2 comments)

TheInquirer reports that the GT200 graphics processor will have a 576mm² die size, or almost 1.8 times bigger than the G92 in Nvidia's current speediest single-GPU products. Unsurprisingly, such a massively increased die area will lead to considerable thermal envelopes: 236W for the top-of-the-line GeForce GTX 280 and 182W for the cut-down GeForce GTX 260. The report adds that Nvidia will price the GTX 280 at $649 and the GTX 260 at $449. If there's any truth to rumors we've heard about next-gen AMD cards, Radeon HD 4000 offerings with single GPUs should all be priced under $350, and they should be competitive with current Nvidia offerings. That means Nvidia may have to rely on aggressive G92 pricing rather than its next architecture to compete.

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(05:52 PM EDT - Jun,02 2008) - admin
Yeah, finally something NEW 8)
(09:17 PM EDT - May,31 2008) - nb411
I am just pleased that we are back to having more competition in the GPU market. The longer we go without it, the more lacklustre new products become, not to mention the prices stay higher for longer.

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