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Wipe your Car Windshield with Shaving Cream - [guides]
04:48 PM EST - Jan,18 2022 - post a comment

Shaving cream is used by many people only for shaving. But shaving cream is a real all-rounder with which you can do a lot. Among other things, you can also wipe your car windows with it. What advantages this has, I show you in this video! Because if your car windows always fog up from the inside, you can do something about it with shaving foam. Put some shaving cream on a cloth and wipe your window with it. You only need the shaving foam. After some time it disappears and you have applied a layer of shaving foam to your window. This now ensures that no water can settle on the pane. And thus the pane can no longer fog up from the inside. Try it out directly by breathing on the pane. It no longer fogs up. You can even prevent your windshield from freezing from the inside. No more water can settle on the windshield, so there is nothing there to freeze. So rub all your car windows from the inside with shaving foam and they will no longer fog up in the future. Try this ingenious trick but necessarily also with your car once.

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