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NVIDIA Releases GeForce 511.23 Game Ready Drivers - [briefly]
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NVIDIA today released the GeForce 511.23 WHQL drivers. These drivers introduce support for Windows 11 Dynamic Refresh Rate feature, and formally debut NVIDIA Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution (DLDSR). This is an interesting new feature that's an inverse of DLSS, and works to improve eye-candy of older games. Your game is rendered at a higher resolution than your display head, and the render is intelligently scaled down to enhance detail. Such a feature already existed with DSR, but DLDSR adds certain "smarts" by adjusting the higher render resolution on-the-fly, to improve performance. The drivers also add support for CUDA 11.6, even more OpenCL extensions, and a handful more Vulkan extensions, besides support for even more G-SYNC compatible displays. As a Game Ready driver, version 511.23 adds optimization for "God of War," including support for DLSS and Reflex; and "The Anacrusis." The fixes and known-issues list of this driver appears identical to that of the GeForce 511.17 drivers released earlier this week.
Game Ready for
  • God of War
  • The Anacrusis
  • Hitman III Year 2
Gaming Technology Supported
  • Includes support for NVIDIA DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution)
New Features and Other Changes
  • Added support for Windows 11 Dynamic Refresh Rate.
  • Added support for CUDA 11.6.
  • The NVIDIA OpenCL driver has added support for new provisional extension specifications released by Khronos.
  • Added new OpenCL compiler technology as an opt-in feature.
Fixed Issues in this Release
  • [Detroit Become Human]: Random stuttering/freezing occurs in the game. [3389250]
  • Flicker/disappearing text when 12-bit color is used [3358884]
  • [HDR][G-Sync]: Mouse pointer gets stuck after turning on HDR from the Windows Control Panel or after toggling G-Sync from the NVIDIA control panel. [200762998]
To work around, click the mouse (right or left button). The mouse cursor will be sluggish for a few seconds before returning to normal operation.

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