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NVIDIA Releases GeForce 456.71 Game Ready Drivers - [gaming]
05:39 PM EDT - Oct,07 2020 - post a comment

NVIDIA today released the latest version of its GeForce software. Version 456.71 WHQL comes game-ready for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PC Beta, which includes not just optimization for the game, but also support for NVIDIA Reflex, a technology that works to reduce whole system latency. In addition, the drivers correct a handful of issues, including hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling resulting in lower performance for Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition, a bug with G-SYNC enabled games triggering a black-screen in fullscreen mode, on certain Adaptive Sync displays; and Fortnite crashing on certain notebooks with RTX reflections and shadows enabled.
  • Support for the upcoming Open Beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.
  • NVIDIA Reflex for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta
  • Administrator privileges are now required to perform EDID override
  • Fixed Issues
    • [Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition]: Enabling Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling results in lower frame rate. [3129590]
    • [G-SYNC]: Launching a game in full-screen mode may trigger a black screen on adaptive sync monitors if G-SYNC is enabled. [200660138]
    • [Fortnite][Notebook]: The game may crash when using in-game RTX Shadows/Reflection on some notebook configurations. [200655541]
    Windows 7 Issues
    • [Notebook][H-Clone]: With the integrated graphics processor as the clone source, display settings cannot be changed from the NVIDIA Control Panel. [200594188]
    Windows 10 Issues
    • [World of Warcraft Shadowlands]: When run at frame rates greater than 60 FPS with high display settings, moving characters display minute twitching/stuttering. [200647563]
    • [Sunset Overdrive]: The game may display random green corruption if Depth of Field is enabled from in-game settings. [2750770]
    • [Call of Duty - Warzone]: Freestyle does not work. (200593020)
    • [Forza Motorsport 7]: The curb may display a black strip during a race on certain tracks. [2781776]
    • [Fortnite]: Blue-screen crash occurs pointing to nvlddmkm.sys when playing the game at 4K resolution. [200645328]
    • To work around, set the resolution to lower than 4k.
    • [Zombie Army: Dead War 4][Ansel/Freestyle]: The Ansel & Freestyle tabs are unselectable. [2810884]
    • You may encounter issues installing the NVIDIA Control Panel from the Windows Store.
    • [YouTube]: Video playback stutters while scrolling down the YouTube page. [3129705]
    • [G-SYNC]: With G-SYNC enabled on some Freesync displays, half of the screen goes black. [3133895]
    • [GeForce RTX 3080/3090]: Samsung G9 49" display goes black at 240 Hz. [3129363]
    • [Notebook][H-Clone]: With the integrated graphics processor as the clone source, display settings cannot be changed from the NVIDIA Control Panel. [200594188]
    • [Notebook]: Some Pascal-based notebooks w/ high refresh rate displays may randomly drop to 60Hz during gameplay. [3009452]

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