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Samsung's New IOT-enabled Family Hub Fridge - [gadgets]
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Samsung debuted the Family Hub refrigerator today in Singapore, bringing to its shores the world's first IoT-capable fridge. Integrated with Samsung's Bixby AI voice assistant and SmartThings IoT platform, the Family Hub fridge is the latest in Samsung's push toward a total smart home solution. Fitting into Samsung's wide ecosystem of smart appliances, the Family Hub fridge focuses on bringing useful innovations to the centrepiece of your kitchen. A large 21.5-inch touch-sensitive vertical FHD LCD screen adorns the right door panel, enabling household members to interact and control their smart home appliances. This means that compatible Samsung and third-party devices can be controlled via the SmartThings application. In addition to touch-based inputs, users are also able to use voice commands via Bixby to interact with their connected fridge. What's showing on your Samsung smart television can be mirrored on the fridge display - meaning that missing drama serials due to meal prep duty will be a thing of the past. Users are also able to change the channel or turn off the television set in the living room remotely. Multi-room entertainment in the kitchen is no issue with music streaming via Spotify and live radio on TuneIn, with high-quality playback on an integrated AKG Premium Quality Sound Speaker. Other appliances like Samsung's QuickDrive washing machine and Powerbot robot vacuum cleaner can also be controlled on the Family Hub fridge, making household chores simpler than ever. See who's at the door via Ring, or check on your infant on the Family Hub screen. Three cameras installed on the three tiers within the refrigerator give a glimpse within. Users can view what's currently in the fridge in person on the display panel, or remotely via the View Inside app. This lets you plan your supper without having to leave the room and avoids the power wastage caused by the incessant fridge intrusions inevitable with a flock of growing children. Samsung's Bixby smart voice assistant is able to recognize and maintain six separate voice profiles, meaning each family member can access their unique information on the same device. Users are able to call up individual schedules, leave personal notes and memos, or even upload images for all to see.

The Family Hub fridge also assists to reduce food wastage, with an in-built Food list function. The app tracks food expiry dates to help users keep track of their groceries. The Meal Planner app provides personalised recipes for family members based on food preferences and restrictions while taking into account food expiration dates, helping you to squeeze out the most taste, nutrition and value from your ingredients. The Shopping List app then collates the items to be purchased on the next grocery run. Integration with supermarkets and existing grocery delivery platform might be made available in due course. Cooling is managed by Samsung's advanced Triple Cooling system, which ensures the freshness of the produce stored within by ensuring optimal humidity and temperature levels for each of the three compartments. The different compartments also prevent the mixing of odours. A FlexZone compartment on the bottom doubles as both a fridge and a freezer, allowing greater flexibility for different household requirements. Applications on the Family Hub fridge are fixed and are specific to the device as it runs Samsung's proprietary Tizen operating system. Regular updates are projected for the lifetime of the appliance, ensuring the latest applications and services are compatible and available to all users. The Family Hub fridge is available at all major electronics retailers at an MSRP of SGD7,499. Till 30th September 2018, Samsung is running a promotion that bundles a complimentary Ring doorbell with a Family Hub purchase. While stocks last.

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