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Tesla Updates Autopilot Nag - Whiners Start Whining - [technology]
05:35 PM EDT - Jun,12 2018 - post a comment

Given all the bad press that Tesla has gotten lately from people using its not-so-aptly-named "Autopilot," and running into things, it is making some changes to the "Nag" system, as its users call it. Previously, the nag would only nag you every 5 minutes if under 45mph on a straight road, and 1 to 3 minutes over 45mph. With new updates being pushed out, you will be alerted every 15 to 20 seconds to keep you hands on the steering wheel, since of course "Autopilot" does not automatically pilot your car. Oh the horror of having the drive your car. Maybe if you don't want to drive, you should take an Uber? That said, all you have to do is actually touch the steering wheel, so don't worry, you still don't have to actually drive.

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