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Intel's 28-Core 5 GHz CPU: Coming in Q4 - [hardware]
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At their Computex Press Conference Intel made a surprise announcement, revealing their plans to release a 28-core consumer CPU before the end of the year. The sheer number of processing threads on this unit isn't the only thing that is impressive; Intel demoed their chip running at 5GHz on all cores, clock speeds that are not available on any consumer-grade Intel processor without overclocking. Given the all-core 5GHz nature of this test, it is unlikely that any consumer-grade version of this chip will offer an all core boost this high, it is more likely that Intel overclocked their engineering sample for the wow factor. In their demo, Intel's 28-core offered a Cinebench R15 score of 7,334, a result that is higher than anything that we have ever tested, showcasing Intel's desire to hold onto the CPU performance crown.

No other details were provided, however for it to exist in a current platform, this new processor would likely be in LGA2066 (X299) or LGA3647 (the server socket). Intel technically already makes 28-core monolithic designs in the Intel Xeon Scalable Platform with the Xeon Platinum 8180, which is a $10k processor, which runs a lot slower than 5.0 GHz.

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