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Lost Planet DX10 Demo - The game has a built in benchmark feature and is being used around the web to showcase the power of NVIDIAs GeForce 8-series GPUs. (534 hits)
BioShock Tweak Guide - all the tips, tweaks, fixes and descriptions you need to make sure your BioShock experience is as good as it can possibly be (461 hits)
Crysis Tweak Guide - guide covers all the in-game settings in detail, and provides descriptions for all the major advanced command variables which allow you to customize the game to suit your needs. There are plenty of comparison screenshots and handy tips spread throughout the guide, so if you're patient and willing to experiment, the guide will reward you well. (435 hits)
Mass Effect Tweak Guide - The guide is rounded out with a range of troubleshooting tips and other information which should be of great use to Mass Effect players (433 hits)

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